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Preparing Your Children for College Effectively

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The Final Stages of Their Primary Education

When your child is in the final stages of their primary education, it is vital to prepare them for their time in college. Veritas Florida is committed to preparing students through grades ninth to twelfth grade through a Christ-centered homeschooling program.

Ninth-Grade Curriculum

For our ninth-grade program, we educate our students on a variety of topics with a focus on American history through the lens of American literature. We review a variety of classics, which include The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, and more.

Tenth-Grade Curriculum

During the tenth grade, we focus on widening our student’s knowledge of the inner workings of the economy and governmental structures. We work on expanding their knowledge on the topic through related literature, language arts, and the biblical perspective.

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Eleventh-Grade Curriculum

At our school, we believe that understanding ancient history is important for our students so they can learn valuable lessons. From studying the old testament to reading through ancient Greek literature, we provide them with a perspective into the cultures from thousands of years ago.

Twelfth-Grade Curriculum

Once our students reach their final year, Our hope is that through our program, our students are prepared for their future in college.

Committed to Academic Excellence

As responsible parents, your deepest wish is to see your children succeed academically to prepare them for their lives ahead. Let us help you by ensuring your children receive the best upper education possible. Contact our team for more information today.

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