A Christ-Centered Homeschooling Program

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A Wonderful Blend of Classroom Experience and Homeschooling Flexibility

Veritas Florida is a wonderful blend of classroom experience and homeschooling flexibility. Our college-prep curriculum is based upon the historical timeline with rich literature coinciding with the time period your child studies. We incorporate Socratic seminars, Charlotte Mason methodology, and individualized attention from experienced teachers throughout the 33-week school year. A unique way to describe Veritas Florida is, indeed, 'College for Kids' because our methodology and curriculum prepare students to thrive in college. As a drop-off program, students engage with each other in a classroom setting led by an experienced, Christian teacher who is accessible throughout the week for clarification. Weekly assignment sheets outline academic assignments, and teachers give quizzes and tests, which are graded to show progress. Report cards are provided twice each year. Veritas is truly the perfect blend of parent-guided study with like-minded (and spirited!) teachers.

Classroom Setting:

Veritas Florida partners with churches for classroom space and hires experienced Christian teachers to lead students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Humanities classes meet one day per week from 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM while math and science classes meet on Thursday typically.


Veritas Florida operates as curriculum support for homeschooling families. Therefore, homeschooling families are responsible for meeting state requirements and completing the yearly homeschooling evaluation process for their child to meet state requirements.

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Weekly Assignment Sheets:

Students receive a weekly assignment sheet encompassing the work to be done for the upcoming week at home. Parents are responsible for working with their child each week in the home, reviewing their child’s work, and signing the assignment sheet to indicate completion.

School Year:

Veritas Florida is a 33-week program with classes typically beginning mid-August and ending the third week of May. Classes are not held during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Winter Break, and Spring Break. We do not have a fall break.

Grades & Report Cards:

Veritas Florida provides grades for homework, quizzes, and tests. We also provide two report cards each school year. Parents may submit these items to meet their homeschooling requirements.

Is Veritas Florida a Good Fit for My Family?

The student who will prosper in Veritas Florida is one whose family values academic, spiritual, and moral education. He or she is from a family that understands the home to be the primary educational entity in the child's life but who also appreciates the value of a positive teacher/mentor and peer group interaction in a small-group setting. The student who has a strong work ethic and who has learned to appreciate the rewards of work well done will find that while the Veritas Florida approach may be rigorous, it is not burdensome. The family seeks an education that will prepare the child to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

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