Steps to Apply

Our Complete Process for Student Admission

24-25 New Student Application 

Veritas Florida 2024-25 Student Enrollment Application

Please Read All Instructions Before You Begin

  1. Click the 'New Student Application' button below. 
  2. Multiple Student Applications: After clicking 'Submit,' stay in your web browser; you should see 'submit another application'. If you do not see it, go back to the website and click the Apply' button to come here and click the New Student Application button below.
  3. $50 Nonrefundable Application Fee per Application: Once you complete the application, you will be taken to a payment screen. Applications will not be processed until the Non-refundable Application Fee is paid.
  4.  Campus Tour: We require an Application for every family and student who wishes to attend a North Palm Beach Campus Tour. You do not have to pay the Application Fee unless and until you want to move forward with the application process.

Don't see your city? Help us bring Veritas Florida to you! Click "New campuses" button below for more information.